Soul Circuits are the phrase giving by the scientists who've discovered the anomaly that reforms the genetic makeup of any living organism that has it's 4th String of DNA coded onto them. The "re-wiring" of this strand can allow the subject to reach potentials were otherwise would be impossible due to their bodies being incapable to evolve as far as it would after being "under the hood" so to speak. Theoretically, every living organism could reach a potential higher than their evolutionary line through achieving a perceptual mental state of fear as long as the subject wills to live. Studies of it concluded that the mind of the subject and their health contributes to being able to achieve this as long as the initial "injection" provokes it's growth. For hte moments purposes, this process is known as the DEATH+DRIVE

Initializing the 4th Strand Edit

The fundamental activation of the re-wiring of the Circuit is to inspire the subject to act upon overwhelming fear as it is when the 4th DNA strand causes kinetic energy to travel and allow it to create a defense against death this, causing a warp in genetic makeup to exist past the form it's boy can naturally allow. There are side effects to this as it weakens the mental barrier that could cause permanent damage to nerve tissues and ruin any ounce of neural functions. i.e monsters, bio-degradable wastes, or in some cases, Death. There has been characters and other beings that can exercise the exceptions to this rule and change their makeup at will without the decaying of their bodies.

Studies on the Soul Circuit Edit

At the time when the studies began, Mages that have emerged from secrecy began to assist the scientists to help correlate the existence of raw energy that the Mages produced to that of the subjects that changed it's bodies due to the tethering of the Soul Circuits that have been discovered. At the time, they've concluded that the Mages' ability to produce the unidentifiable energy to be related to the existence of any living being upon the emergence of such anomalies in humans. The most common denominator in all the subjects were the fear that caused the frailty of one's Circuit to be re written.