Drogon is a thief that travls across the Continent to build his legacy of becoming the richest thief in the Realm.


Drogon's occupation has prepared him to be on top of his wit. Tricking people into turning the other way is Drogon's form of entertainment. Controlled with greed, Drogon's attention can be swung in any direction after any mentioning of "scoring" any silver and artifacts he can cash in. Drogon's history with the people he stole from makes him highly impossible to trust and now been placed in "Wanted!" posters all through the Realm. Cunning and hard to trust, Drogon's most dangerous weapon is his charming words and smile that hides the schemes of thievery.

Another trait that he loves of himself is the faces of those who mistrust always returning to the scene of the crime where he sees from a distance. This particularly ties in with him teasing younger girls and plays it off as friendly banter.