Death Drive (stylized as DEATH+DRIVE) is "in the works" action-thriller comic that takes place in the middle of a reconstruction of the world after faulty decisions by officials. The experiments on the mental stability and physical distortions of people at an isolated cities result in the heightening of one's fears and infinitely cause mutations to the bodies. Now, the people who are prisoners and/or involved at these cities' intentions meet and struggle to exist amongst each other in order to triumph over their own fears and search for their own peace of mind.

Setting & Plot Edit

The world of DEATH+DRIVE lives with a timeline from ours that fortifies the relationship of technology that has been pushing the studies towards unlocking a potential in humans that was eventually discovered and named as "Soul Circuitry", the "Core" of human potential. As it implies, the "Circuitry" is actually a 4th strand of DNA that gathers the makeup of any possible thought from the person in contact with remodeling of its Circuit.

Domes; despite being isolated by a political group, is still intact to the continent that houses neighboring prefectures and towns