Dathiel Normus is a supporting character to I'm Not A Hero that travels the Continent with Bruello in his journeys.   

Personality Edit

He is a wandering priest with a hidden affinity to gather the attention of young women in his "admiration" of them. His occupation as a priest gives him entitlements to which he takes advantage of without a hesitation's notice. His wit is sometimes double edged and gets him in scenarios where trouble ensues. Always composed when others aren't. Usually a humble air in his demeanor and his words are soft spoken around a wider audience. Despite his lust for women, he makes his life revolve around his faith so occasionally he reminds himself that he is "weak to the flesh of women" and drinking. Most of the time, Dathiel indulges and insists that he's just looking for a good time. 

History Edit

Before he devoted himself to the faith of his God, Dathiel lived a life of an ordinary farm boy jumping from job to job to earn food. Before he knew it, he became a talked about "great samaritan" amongst his townfolk and neighbors. He was known for his dilegence and hard work around the farms that would need help and cover the shifts of those who couldn't. Realizing this positive light was benefitial to his loneliness he took the opportunities to make life long friends and eventually find his weakness with the opposite sex. So Before the current events of the story, Bruello was taken as an adapted son of Dathiel after he devoted his faith to the gods after the Savior of Seven defeated the fallen God at Gotogarten. In the current timeline he became an envoy to the gods to repay for the help they've provided(even if they only made it a tad more difficult for them) in his journey. In time, Dathiel opened a church in a few parts of the Continent where he then preached and helped raised children to eventually become preists themselves.