Chi Fi-Lei is a soldier from the town of Wang Tam-Su and is the current holder of a Lordship in Ninfa's Kingdom. He is a minor antagonist to Bruello and company.

Personalty Edit

Chi is extremely gluttonous and he always had excelled in physical activities amongst the men he trained in Wang Tam-Su. Chi tends to eat a lot, which leads him to work out vigorously to maintain his lean figure. Hardly one for compassion, Chi usually orders soldiers to line up in front of him so that he can toss them around for enjoyment. He's not a nice guy. Clearly. However, his men give Chi undying loyalty to his cause and whims. Assumably, Chi has the etiquette of an a noble when it is required.

History Edit

Near the end of Ninfa's threat of the arachnid creatures, Chi and his men came to this village and destroyed the monsters and it spawn. He was appointed Lordship upon gallantly saving the citizens with his army. Eventually, his men also became knights and slowly became occupied nation for Wang Tam-Su. During the skirmish, Bruello was paralyzed in fear by the spiders and Chi realized he and his men could take advantage of the moment to gain fame and popularity. Knowing this, Chi declared to reign over the fame Bruello "foolishly ignored and ruined". Bruello eventually sought this man to regain his throne at Ninfa while Chi mocks Bruello at any chance he gets. He often does so throughout the expeditions throughout the rest of the country.

Trivia Edit

-Chi Fi-Lei's character design is loosely based of a combination of Wang Tang of Power Stone and Son Goku of Gensomaden Saiyuki

-Wang Tam-Su is the country of origin for Fi-Lei but it's namesake is based of Wonton Soup, a popular dish in Chinese restaurants in the United States. Also, another nod to the namesake of Power Stone character, Wang Tang