Bruello Ninfa

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Full name
Bruello of The Ninfa
Bruello Of The Ninfa Kingdom, Hero Of The Realm
Ex-Lord of Ninfa Kingdom, Savior Of Seven
Dathiel (Adoptive Father)

Bruello is the main character of I'm Not A Hero who was a Lord of Ninfa Kingdom before the beginning of the story. Bruello was one of the Savior Of Seven who saved the Realm of Man from the god who wanted everything in his image. Before meeting with Dathiel, he was orphaned without a family and without guidance spending his youth under the care of Churches until one day, he stole rations from a pantry in a church resided in and so eared what they'd do to him, he left wondering through a deserted area where Dathiel met Bruello and assumed guardianship of him. Bruello eventually seek help from him to find comfort in his fears of the monster roaming around and so gave Bruello an iron sword to face it. Through his travels he eventually accumulated enough courage to deal the blow to defeat the god who threatened the world and so he found peace for the first time in his youth and learned the meaning to be strong willed.

Personality Edit

Rash, overconfident and stubborn is the closest words to accurately describe Bruello as time as a Lord got into his head. He's a sleazy geezer and his greed lead to his body to morph from eating more than his appetite allows. Bruello seems to be a caring person whenever he considers to sit back and think back to his younger days and remembers his own frailty. Would probably laugh before saying anything because of all the air in his body but mostly because of his trait to belittle situations and so on.

Growing from the earliest time of his youth, Bruello was afraid of anything "too dark" and "hard to see". Bruello would usually appear in scenes shaking in almost all of them. He also was alot nervous around some of the female cast of the series considering his fear for the Nuns who've raised him were furrowed-browed. For the most part, Bruello was frail and hesitant to do much of anything and was overly thankful for being taken care of. Of course, Bruello's personality was building the traits of a troublesome child because of the secrecy of wishing to feed his greed as shown by example when he would occasionally steal food from the church to feed himself on the worst days at the church.